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Damnable Budgeting

Today, aside from coding quite a bit at work, I spent a good deal of time working out our bill payments budget. Rather a boring task for an M/s Master, you might think? Shouldn’t I be having fun playing around (if only psychologically) with my two slaves? Or planning our next trip out with friends in the scene? Or, well, anything but budgeting? Especially when, as I will fully admit, I am hopeless with money.

Well the first problem is that neither of my slaves is all that good with money either. Give them a strict budget and they will follow it to the letter, give them an inch of slack and they will spend every penny E and I can earn <grin>.

So I seem to have worked out a viable plan for the next 3 months or so. The next two weeks will continue to be tight as I don’t get a cheque from work until the end of this month, but after that it should be relatively easy to live within our means and catching up on the outstanding debt load we have.

So then we can get back to the fun of being in an M/s relationship.

Looking forward to August

With August comes a new, more interesting job, a big community bdsm party with guest speakers from all over, the beginning of a volunteer career coaching soccer, and hopefully a renewal of the joie de vivre of life at house Daedalus.  

Not that the girls have been anything but wonderful, but this extended period without work has worn on me, especially the financial aspect.  And E has been going through some burnout of his own with work, school and our social schedule.

Now E will have a few weeks off school between semesters, I have time to shake the rust off my developer boots and emmie, mitda and I some time to prepare before we start coaching soccer together.

It’s gonna be fun!

Birthday to Me

mitda and emmie, with the help of a few of our friends, threw me a wonderful suprise birthday party on Sunday.  mitda prepared English style food and a surprisingly high number of people from our social circle showed up, especially given it was a Sunday night.

It helps to remember things like this, and all the responsibilities that go with my lifestyle, on those days where it seems like 40 years is enough time to have utilized the planet’s resources for one person.  Disappointments come and go, along with celebrations, but responsibilities remain, and unlimited responsibility is something I have taken on and endeavour to fulfill.

Happy Mother’s Day

A Mother’s day blog might seem weird on such a site, but today was Mother’s day and mitda’s mother came over for an early dinner and conversation. She’s a wonderful woman, well aware of our unconventional lifestyle and not phased by it. I did call my own mother, who is not quite so open minded, but we had a good chat.

Today Manchester United also won the Premiership title, so it was a good day all rouind.

Shit and Things

So Valentine’s Day went off without too many hiccups, other than one of emmie’s presents coming a day later than everyone else’s present that were meant to be presented together (I purchased everyone in the household a watch for our time together past present and future). We exchanged rings and a simple pledge to each other at a coffee shop and then meandered home. Tonight’s planned salsa festivities were rather hampered by mitda contracting the bubonic plague and the proposed 30 degree temperatures outside being about 45 degrees too few for emmie, but we’ll get that together another weekend.

Another odd thing this last couple of weeks has been used car salesmen that are incapable of carrying through on a deal. One went as far as making the deal and taking the deposit with plans to deliver the car the next day, only to fail to show up and then back out of the deal completely. Hence I don’t have the soccer mom wagon after all. Our substitute third car wound up being an older benz coupe in black and tan, she is a sweet ride so we’re referring to her as black velvet. She’s big enough and heavy enough that I feel comfortable with emmie driving her around – emmie’s not the most confident of drivers and both she and I will feel safer with her in the semi-armoured teutonic beast.

Solstice Time Again

During Babylonian and Persian solstice celebrations masters and slaves exchanged places. In each household, one slave was picked to be the master. In the palace, a mock king ruled in place of the true king.”

Tonight is Winter Solstice, and House Daedalus will be celebrating Persian style, with mitda reigning as Master for 12 hours from sundown to sunup. Wish me luck – I’ll need it : ).

My vocabulary, its origin, and a kid difficulty

Someone I know, a thoughtful person herself, complained recently about my “reinventing vocabulary” in reference to how I write and speak, and it triggered a number of thoughts about vocabulary in general and mine in particular, which in turn triggered thoughts on issues I have had in my development as a whole.

Not that I do, or do intentionally, reinvent vocabulary (well maybe sometimes I do prefer my own terms for certain things, such as “absolute enslavement” 😛 ). I have a fair background in both phenomenology and the philosophy of language, particularly with reference to Hegel, Heidegger and Derrida, and so the language that I most naturally use includes terms and structures that are not unusual in these writers but are not so commonly used. But along with this I have some Asperger’s traits, and fundamentally for me all language is in the first place a foreign language, English as much as symbolic logic, and am often non-verbal for long periods, so language that is unusual and seems foreign to other people doesn’t seem any more foreign to me that what is deemed common parlance. I developed my sense of language despite, rather than because, language in general is a natural or easy thing for me. But I developed enough of a sense of language to serve me decently in what I do because I also had an ability for languages, whether foreign or not :).

My aspies traits have been a concern for me very recently in general. I’m not unhappy about having them – I enjoy the abilities I have as a result and I’m not upset by having had to make a slight extra effort with things like language. I learned language quite well in spite of aspies, and learned other things – such as how to judge people’s perceptions of oneself – that are more difficult for aspies people than for the general population. Overall I’m quite content with the combinations of abilities I have developed – I was lucky enough that my aspies traits weren’t so severe that I couldn’t overcome things that I found necessary to overcome, and I learned many of the things I learned when I was too young to actually notice that it took me more or less effort than other kids.

The reason it has been a concern, then, is not particularly regarding myself, but regarding emmie and her son. Both of emmie’s sons are diagnosed autistics, but the younger one really fits the description of someone with aspies more than autism, while the older one fits the description of a medium to medium-high functioning autistic more accurately. I haven’t spent a great deal of time with her older son, who lives with his father in another state, but her younger son lives with us and is currently 9, which seems to be an important age for a kid with aspies. According to child development guidelines 9 to 11 is the age when children generally become social personalities. Up to that point children are an odd combination of self absorption and parent-centrism, they don’t come across as completely self-interested, simply because their “self” is still integrated with those that raised them, usually their parents in this society.

But between 9 and 11 years this changes, and kids suddenly take an avid interest in one another. Peer pressure first really develops at this age and so does the need to be close to other kids, rather than first looking for parental/teacher acceptance and only later for acceptance by peers. Along with this comes the development of, not self-awareness, but awareness of how one is perceived by others. Aspies and autistic kids are often labelled not self-aware but this is a mislabelling of the fact that they are not aware of how others perceive them. They are aware of their actual “selves” quite strongly as far as I can tell. A striking difference between a fully autistic child and an aspies one, for me, is the difference between not knowing that one is perceived as “ different” or “odd”, vs. knowing it, but not necessarily understanding it or being able to change it.

So her son is having difficulty integrating with other kids at the age that they are all beginning to do so with each other. This could be a very temporary thing, where her son is delayed developmentally and will start to develop that kind of other-kid-awareness a bit later, or it could be a fundamental short-circuit in his wiring – I simply don’t know enough about aspies or her son to be able to judge. From being aspies myself, in a less apparently severe way, I know that an aspies kid “can” learn that kind of awareness even if it’s not altogether natural or easy. But I don’t know if that’s true for every aspies kid or just for some. And if it can be learned by any kid that is by definition aspies and not fully autistic (if there is a hard-and-fast line, which seems doubtful) I don’t know about the best way to go about helping a kid learn it. The kid has ample reason to learn it – at present he gets picked on and his reactions to things – or more precisely how he allows people to see those reactions – makes it all the more likely he will continue to get picked on. Kids are sensitive and emotional creatures. It’s not that “normies” don’t get sensitive or have emotional reactions to things, but they learn more quickly than an autistic child what reactions are acceptable to show in front of whom, and what reactions will cause them to be made fun of or treated as “weird”.

This kid has it both good and bad when it comes to the severity of his difficulties. From the limited exposure I’ve had to his elder brother, he has much more of a chance than the elder sibling of living an apparently “normal” life. Where the elder child will always be treated as disabled in certain functional ways, the younger one may be treated as having been “developmentally” delayed, and may always be “odd” in certain ways, but will likely generally be treated as having “caught up” with everyone else. I use scare quotes on “caught up” because, as with many aspies kids, he has definite abilities as well as disabilities, and overall is very intelligent, so much so that despite an obvious learning disability he is in a regular school at the right grade for his age and is on the school’s honor roll. There are many ways where he will always be “ahead” of the average kids in his classes. Not that you have to have aspies to be intelligent or have abilities, he is simply one of the lucky kids that despite whatever problems and issues he might have, he has these abilities to fall back on.

I hope that with further study, partly of aspies syndrome, mostly of emmie’s son himself, we’ll be able to figure out ways to help him overcome the areas where he does have difficulties. The extra effort it takes him will be worth it in terms of living the life that he will eventually want to choose for himself, and with certain other things being relatively easy for him, he should have spare energy to use on overcoming his issues.

Back to it

I haven’t had much time to keep up with my blog lately, what with working an 8 hr day and spending 4 hours in the car in total to get there and back. Not that I don’t want to keep it up, but it gets grinding and I was definitely looking forward to the weekend.

Keeping up an M/s relationship in these conditions poses its challenges as well. The girls need direction and I’m often not as available as I would like to provide it. I have ideas as to making the task of setting tasks and reviewing them more efficient but that in itself takes energy and time to implement. So we’re all getting by.

Preparations for mitda’s surgery are not as far along as I would like, as a family we have to realize that the person primarily responsible for meals, shopping and a host of other things will be completely out of commission for some time, and everyone has to pick up the slack no matter what their personal schedules look like.

We went to a dinner party mostly made up of M/s couples, triads etc. tonight and it was a welcome social relief from the draconian world where I work, and the current pressures of home life. It made me remember why we do these things. Not, obviously so that when we go out we have M/s people to go out with, lol, but watching the interaction and feeling so at ease because these people understand how we are and how we choose to live confirms me again in following our hearts and minds and living as we want to.

A Long Day

We spent much of this rather longish day a little high on vicodin and flexeral. After the stress last night and the sorting it out this morning we all needed a mental vacation, at least I did.

The girls remain as they were as far as our relationship goes. There will be no more “topping from the bottom”. They can make requests, yes, but they cannot and will not be upset if the requests aren’t granted.

On a happier note they get fitted tomorrow for their hallowe’en constumes. God knows what I’m going as though. Maybe I’ll go as the host, who always dresses as a Texas rancher. Of course he has the ranch to back him up, our 12 sq ft or so backyard doesn’t really count :).

Crrrriiiitttic !

During a conversation Saturday night a Master friend of mine brought up the “Master’s inner critic”, in the sense of the following situation. When living 24/7 in an absolute enslavement relationship it can be easy for the Master to get lazy at times. Suddenly there’s a “wait a minute, s/he didn’t do … while s/he was doing … – ah well, let it go this time, the game’s on …”, and this happens a few times in a day, maybe multiply that by a few days, and you’ve suddenly let a few dozen “ little things” slide.

Then suddenly you decide you have to correct him/her and set things straight. But the “inner critic” is saying “oh yea, come down on him/her NOW after you were too lazy to do it the other three dozen times”, and it becomes a difficult thing to do. And if it keeps on going the AE dynamic is lost completely, the slave no longer expects correction, and the Master loses the ability to do it and just lets the relationship lapse.

Ironically that very thing happened to me seemingly directly afterwards. Having been faced with two slaves suffering from the muted grays, browns and blacks of the depressive end of the bipolar spectrum, and having been home to take care of some things that I wouldn’t normally have time for, I found that all of a sudden E. was making dinner every night (or scrounging McD’s or KFC for the family), the bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen and closets all looked like thermonuclear test sites and at 7:30am the only person even close to being awake and prepared to leave the house was myself, so I was taking the kidlet to school while E. got ready for work, and my two slaves snored peacefully in bed.

Time to bring out the heavy guns! Yep, I sent an EMAIL, lol. Detailing what wasn’t done and that it had to be done from now on.

Or else!!!!

Or else what?

The inner critic was hounding me on that one but I went ahead anyway. Tonight the kitchen, bedroom, master bathroom and closet have all been cleaned and nitpicked over, we had a wonderful birthday dessertfest with mitda’s mother, and while these sorts of things are not a cure for bipolar depression we’ve discussed emmie’s situation in particular and come up with what I think is a workable plan to help her learn some new coping skills, as well as get her medications sorted out in a short amount of time, all without taking her near a hospital.

Critic, be damned.