Monthly Archives: July 2011

M/s Community?

Over the last while I’ve heard plenty about a supposed “M/s Community”, and met a number of self-proclaimed ‘members’. I don’t have any belief that there is ‘a’ way to be a slave (or a Master), being ‘a slave’ doesn’t determine much of anything concretely about a person, other than that he / she is obedient to the person they are in thrall to.

What’s interesting to me is that in most of these dynamics there’s always a point “up to which” the slave is obedient. Generally this point, on closer inspection, turns out to be identical to “where something actually matters” to the slave in question. Whether that point has to do with reproductive rights, children, career, whatever, it usually comes down to “I’ll obey you as long as I don’t feel strongly enough about the topic. As long as it doesn’t really matter.”

There are, of course, households scattered here and there that don’t operate on this principle. I’m lucky enough to be personally familiar with a few.

To call it a “community” is to overstate the case by a long shot, though.