Monthly Archives: January 2009

Catching Up

Well it has been a while since I posted a blog. Some things have happened, such as my being elected to the board of a local BDSM group, and my subsequent resignation along with 2 of the other 5 board members due to the actions of the <sigh> president of said group. Well enough said on that score. Personally I just wanted to improve the music at the parties, not get involved in a political mess where the president of the group felt it necessary to undo all previous boards’ decisions.

Our family is doing alright these days, E has entered into the beginnings of an M/s relationship with a girl he has become very close to. Of course transitions like this are never perfectly easy or smooth but we’ll take things as they come.

A new book by Alain Badiou, entitled “ Logics of Worlds” was supposed to be released Nov. 24 and Amazon had already started taking orders for it prior to that, now they are not taking further orders and have no release date, just a button requesting that one be notified when it actually does become available. I’m a bit obsessive in my reading and in one mode don’t necessarily want to come out of that mode to read something completely different, so it’s more than a bit frustrating.