Pissoffs and a Great Party

Rumour has it that the President of the aforementioned local BDSM group and his slut on the board want to ban myself and my family from the group due to the fact that I criticized them on an “unofficial” online group. This after the same President is allowing someone back who committed a felony against another member on an official group <sigh>. People are unbelievable. Not that I particularly care as I’m not planning to return anytime during his presidency anyway and no board not stacked with his friends would uphold the ruling, if it happens, which I still doubt.

We went to a great private party on Saturday at a friend’s place, mitda and I played quite hard and long and I was sore afterwards, not to mention her <grin>. One girl who had a birthday around that time was decorated as a cake and we all ate icing off her. Everyone that is except emmie who ‘doesn’t know these people like that” lol,

I’m pruning my list of “friends” on Fetlife, too many people I’m not altogether fond of befriended me and to be nice I accepted their friendship at first, now that I’ve been fucked over by a few of them they can go fuck themselves with a chainsaw. Elvis fucking Christ people can piss me off.

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