Mitdasein and Enslavement

“Mitsein and Mitdasein are posited as co-essential to Dasein’s essence,that is,to its property as an existent for which Being is not its ontological foundation but rather the bringing into play of its own sense of Being as well as of the sense of Being itself. Therefore, Being-with, and more precisely Being-there-with,constitutes an essential condition for Dasein’s essence.”

“This is a property of Dasein as da-sein, as Being-the there:it is,or rather,it has to be the ‘‘there’’of an opening, that is,of its own(or in each case its own) way of letting itself be or of deciding to be according to this exposition which is also its Being-in-the-world.

.(Let/decide:two faces,two possibilities or two aspects of the same exposition.)

Dasein has to be the singular ‘‘there’’ of an ownmost way of wording that is of making and/or opening onto a totality of sense. In sum, the da of sein is its exposition. Therefore,one can say Dasein is a singular, unique possibility of making/letting an ownmost sense of the world and/or the world of an ownmost sense open itself. This sense has as an essential property; its ultimate sense in its own suppression. Death,or the cessation of this da, means as well that the da does not open onto anything but its own opening. To assume this horizon, which is precisely not a horizon, to assume the finite

horos of an infinite apeiron , is exactly what is at stake in Dasein’s Being at stake.In sum,is it the making mine of that which cannot be mine,or the letting myself be disappropriated at and from the fullest point of mineness(an inverted version of the Hegelian death).”

– Nancy, Jean-Luc – The being-with of being-there

Moreover, Dasein is essentially Mitdasein. This means that Mitsein is essential to Dasein : it is a Being-with unlike the putting together of things, but an essential with , intrinsic to Dasein’s own Being..

That Dasein is also and essentially Mitdasein ensconces the relationship between Master and slave with the there of the Master’s da. Since the Master opens that world and invites the slave to be an integral part of it, joining their own da, their being, or in Nietszche’s term, their will, to that of the Master, Mitdasein provides the shared space, meaning, and equipmental totality that allows both the Master and slave to “be” in an appropriate place and manner.

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