Monthly Archives: August 2008

Hope for the Aged

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There’s hope yet for us ancients. In Manchester United’s yearly endurance test Ryan Giggs, ancient for a soccer player at 34, won over all the younger guys. Not that I’m 34 anymore, I wish. But I guess I can kick a ball around for a few more years yet.

Damnable Budgeting

Today, aside from coding quite a bit at work, I spent a good deal of time working out our bill payments budget. Rather a boring task for an M/s Master, you might think? Shouldn’t I be having fun playing around (if only psychologically) with my two slaves? Or planning our next trip out with friends in the scene? Or, well, anything but budgeting? Especially when, as I will fully admit, I am hopeless with money.

Well the first problem is that neither of my slaves is all that good with money either. Give them a strict budget and they will follow it to the letter, give them an inch of slack and they will spend every penny E and I can earn <grin>.

So I seem to have worked out a viable plan for the next 3 months or so. The next two weeks will continue to be tight as I don’t get a cheque from work until the end of this month, but after that it should be relatively easy to live within our means and catching up on the outstanding debt load we have.

So then we can get back to the fun of being in an M/s relationship.

So Far So Good

Well, I’ve completed and presented the first design for the current subproject I’m working on. So far so good, I received compliments on the design and a host of good ideas on how to actually implement it. I did a mock-up of the screen and that helped get everyone’s creative juices flowing.

On the downside I’m unused to being away from emmie and mitda for so much of the day. I suppose it will become more routine as I get into the project but right now it’s hard being away from home for 10 or so hours (including travel time) each day. We talk on IM (and I’m going to setup a secure IM server tonight, given what we talk about) .

We’re all going to the site of the upcoming party picnic on Saturday to assist in pre-picnic cleanup. Our host there is one of my favourite people in the scene and it will be great seeing her again. She invited us to bring kidlet but there will be chainsaws and other noise not really that conducive to an autistic kid.