Monthly Archives: June 2008

First Song Written

I finished up doing the basic arrangements on the first song mitda and I have written together.  The arrangement is very basic, just enough to wrap around the lyrics, but the sound is unique and quite a layered medley of synths.  Damn am I having fun with the new studio.

M/s and Privilege

E is working on a paper for a diversity class, which has engendered much conversation around our interracial, polyamorous, bisexual, kinky, bdsm and  M/s household.  In one sense E is very much, as are we all, involved in diversity issues, however like myself these are chosen ways of being, not inherited issues such as being  black, or female, or such.  emmie of course knows both of those, being a black female, along with the not-so-popular (especially in the black community) choice of becoming a consensual slave to (ahem) a white male Master.  This was pointed out at the MAsT meeting as well, where a (black) owner of a black slave said he had had issues seeing a black consensual slave with a white Master at first.  mitda is white, but female, and also a consensual slave, something that is amazingly fully accepted by her strongly feminist mother.

E and I share inherited white male privilege and the expectations that go with it, which in general is a positive thing for us but can occasionally be negative.  Being sensitive to those who don’t have such privilege a priori is a difficult but worthwhile effort for both of us and I’m glad his paper has caused so much conversation in the household.

Busy in our Own Way

Well, we’ve been pretty busy. We attended a Central Texas Kink event with a formal dinner party served by the slaves/submissives. We also attended a MAsT (Masters and slaves Together) meeting. As well we have our regular Thursday kinky coffee which for the last two weeks has turned into a small play party at someone’s apartment. Going out in the scene is comfortable for mitda and emmie and I, and I suppose it is for E as well, although likely he’d be more comfortable had he his own slave.

Are we isolating ourselves from the vanilla world? It could be argued that we are, much as other subcultures avoid subcultures that would not look kindly on them. If we have found a place, a topoi to survive in then it is fine, just as long as we don’t actually look down on other subcultures and other groups that are doing their own thing in their own way.