Monthly Archives: May 2008



  1. Topoi

Topoi, the subject matter of topology, can be variously translated as place, terrain, event, etc. In our world of, as Schurmann puts it, “broken hegemonies”, do we still have a common topoi or are we in a situation of nearly individual topologies when it comes to the terrain of Being? This commonality that we have taken for granted for two millennia is entrenched in our laws, our institutions, and our lives, and yet it seems to be counter productive at this point in many ways. Laws are avoided if not openly scoffed at, institutions are utilized when necessary and abandoned when inconvenient. And we live our lives in a forgetfulness of these matters, because in the last analysis, they don’t matter enough.

  1. Place

What is our place when it comes to our Being? This place has to do with World and our World formation. We say that in a particular world formation things “have their place” and yet we ourselves live in a mode of exile. The state of the exile, the homeless one, has become the existential situation of the most stay at home of us. The homeless one is in the first instance in-appropriate, without rights, and without the freedom that privacy engenders. It is in fact this lack of privacy, this need to be always available, always on call, that has led to the feeling of exile encountered in the modern situation. Comfort and ease become fleeting apparitions chased after, in the way security was chased after incoherently in earlier generations. We know better than to look for security, but scant comfort or ease of being has also been taken away and we scamper after them.

Happy Mother’s Day

A Mother’s day blog might seem weird on such a site, but today was Mother’s day and mitda’s mother came over for an early dinner and conversation. She’s a wonderful woman, well aware of our unconventional lifestyle and not phased by it. I did call my own mother, who is not quite so open minded, but we had a good chat.

Today Manchester United also won the Premiership title, so it was a good day all rouind.