Domination to Mastery?

Saturday mitda and emmie went out shopping for a wedding dress (?) for a friend in the scene. Apparently they found a rather beautiful one. I stayed with the other girl’s Dominant (Master? Daddy?) and we chatted, did a couple of fixes to the car, put his juke box into the house from the garage, drank coffee, and chatted some more. It was a pretty good time, and it was good to hear about some of the issues other dominants have, particularly with the whole “being called a Master” thing. This was the day after the first MasT meeting in Austin, which the four of us attended. Even at the MasT meeting (Masters and slaves Together) very few of the Dominants were comfortable identifying with Mastery. Yet it seems to me a natural progression from Domination to Mastery, if not necessarily an easy one.

2 responses to “Domination to Mastery?

  • m

    i think master is very much a submissive iconic utterance…there does need to be new titles or simply endearments for one’s true owner. any thoughts?


  • dasein42

    It could be taken that way, however I have a specific definition in mind, that utilized in vom Ereignis by Heidegger when he talks about mastery. But anyone is welcome to be called what they wish. I am rarely referred to as simply Master but more usually in conversations my girls will refer to me as “my Master”. Owner is a good title for many, but ownership doesn’t imply the obligation or responsibility inherent in mastery.

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