Anniversaries and Parties

Yesterday was the play party for the oldest and probably largest bdsm group in town. It was also emmie and E’s anniversary, so while they went to dinner mitda and I socialized and did a bit of public play at the party. The four of us met up later on and went dancing for a while, the club we had intended to go to was impossible to get in (or would have been, we didn’t bother trying) since a well known techno artist was playing there as part of South by Southwest. We went to another club we know that’s a good deal further from 6 th St and the attendant South by shenanigans, it was a pretty good time,, emmie got to dance to music she (sort of ) likes rather than the goth/industrial music mitda and I tend towards.

Today has basically been an at home day for the three of us, while E went into town to study and run. I feel tired but it’s mostly from side effects from a bad earache, so I’m trying not to sleep all day and then be up all night again.

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