Contact Lenses and Work

I’m actually emailing this post to myself so that nobody in IT sees my browser going to a site called Domination and Mastery.  I’m very unused to hiding my proclivities, even at work, so it’s a bit of a new experience for me.   Not that my new job is restrictive in the way my last one was – there they simply told me up front that they watched all browser activity and any “non compliant” activity would result in dismissal.  Even posting to technical forums was absolutely disallowed, what a joke for a programmer!
I’m waiting for the girls to drop by with my sunglasses, I left this morning while it was still dark out and as a result didn’t think to bring them, and now the sun is shining fiercely and with my eyes hurting already I don’t feel like driving home without.  And why are my eyes hurting?  Well I just got contact lenses, for the first time in over ten years, and I am not used to them.  I do see better with them as they cure the astigmatism better than glasses, and I found out I actually have peripheral vision when not wearing glasses!  I think I’d really favour Lasic surgery but funds don’t support that idea at present.
The girls attended the Democratic caucus for our precinct last night.  I didn’t attend due to not being American but apparently it wouldn’t have mattered – I just wouldn’t have signed in or voted.  While our precinct went 7-4 for Obama Texas as a whole went for Hillary, as mitda was hoping. 
I’ve actually done so much work this morning my hands are cramping from typing, so I’m going to end this post and see whereabouts the girls are at.  After they arrive I’m going to take the new (to us) car in for an oil change and Spring checkup around the corner and let my eyes and hands rest for an hour or so.

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