Newest Shit n Things

I’ve really been remiss at blogging, what with car issues, a new job etc etc. Yesterday mitda and I celebrated our anniversary with an evening out at a smoky bar with great food and a lot of people playing Texas hold em. We didn’t join in the card games but it was a great atmosphere.

After messing around with two Mercedes (a 300ce and a 190e) we settled on a BMW as our 3 rd family car. It’s nice, big enough to carry the four adults around in comfort (it’s a 750iL long wheelbase model) and the V12 packs enough punch to haul the package pretty quickly. Everyone has had a try at driving it, even emmie who is unused to big cars. Of course it’s not new, not by a long shot, but it has reasonably low mileage and we purchased it for a good $3k less than its price rating.

The job is going reasonably well. I like the place and like the people and the project doesn’t look dauntingly difficult. Just enough to be interesting. All in all I’m hoping to settle things down financially and personally in the next few months. It looks like mitda will also be returning to work and 3 income will be a nice change for the household.

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