Catching Up

I have been rather remiss at blogging lately, what with the holidays, dealing with bureaucracy and switching jobs. We have been semi-active in the local scene, attending a play party last night, although we didn’t actually play at the party. The party was alright but rather crowded and wasn’t conducive to a playful feeling for me, we stayed a while and had a few interesting conversations but were headed home by midnight.

It has been a bit of a difficult week for emmie. Between bouts of insecurity and paranoia she has just generally been in a deep depression. She sees the pdoc this week but in the meantime she is upping her Risperdal a little and dropping the Paxil, which seems if anything to have brought her down rather than pushing her up moodwise.

The kid-who-is-18 left January 1 for the army. E. has heard from him once since then, basic training is a busy time. While I like the kid and hope to God that nothing untoward happens to him in the military, it is a relief to get the extra room back and be able to spread out a bit in the house.

I also, through a social networking site, regained contact with a number of people I haven’t seen in over 20 years. Most seem to be doing fairly well, which is nice to see, and one of them fronts a band that will be touring the US this winter, so I will be able to catch up with her at the gig in Austin. Ironically she lives in Los Angeles not far from mitda’s residence when we first met.

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