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IT tried to uninstall/reinstall my dev environment yesterdqy, only to
corrupt windoze swo that I have nothing to work on until they get the
machine restaged (OS reinstalled and apps added). This will take most
of the day so I'm without distraction.

Hump blahs

As it appears I can blog now from my 'berry, I thought I would put in
a Wednesday update.
I've decided to go for the interview – although the money's less it
may be worth my sanity to leave this job. I gave it a serious go this
time but the personal and professional restrictions just did me in
eventually, and made it not worth the 2 hour drive to work.
So hopefully something new for the new year. Even if it means
pinching our belts a little.

Mood Stabilizer A-Go

So emmie and mitda arrived home from the pdoc. Most of emmie’s medication plan has remained the same with the exception of raising the dose on one drug that I felt really needed to be raised to be at all effective. Given that it is one of only two true mood stabilizers my hope is that we will see some lessened mood lability in the girl :).


One of the most common complaints about Java is the JCF, or Java Collections Framework, the amount of simple typing necessary to work with sets, bags etc. in the JCF is annoying to say the least, and the framework just isn’t intuitive to someone used to other collection frameworks such as the Smalltalk Collections. So along comes Jaggregate (yes it’s been around a while) on Jaggregate takes the Smalltalk Collections ideas and implements them in Java, giving quickly accessible and manipulable collection classes that can be used extremely easily by any qualified Java programmer.


Depression, Anxiety and other Fun Stuff

Currently emmie and mitda are visiting emmie’s new pdoc (psychiatrist). I am waiting at home, hoping things go well and that emmie can get a more viable treatment plan for her depression and anxiety issues. While she is bipolar other than blips mania hasn’t been an issue for a long while. I am bipolar myself and having two bipolar slaves is an interesting, if somewhat difficult, task to put to oneself. While mitda was diagnosed years ago (myself hundreds of years ago) it is all very new to emmie, who was just diagnosed formally this year. We do attend a local support group on Monday’s (although emmie and I were too tired to go last night, mitda did meet up with E. there – as the only normie in the quad it’s great of E. to bother showing up to support the family).

Xmas and Migraines

I took emmie to a wine cheese and widgets party Saturday afternoon, where the point was to objectify (or de-subjectify as I prefer) one’s slave by not addressing them and simply using them as whatever tool one needed at the moment. It was interesting to see her reaction and the reaction of the other slaves at the event, and also to have some conversation with other Masters. More events are planned that will be different than the more common bdsm style get togethers, the first being a protocol dinner with entertainment by the slaves in the group. While mitda wasn’t quite recovered enough to attend the event she did make it to the xmas party that followed (at a different ranch) and we had quite a lot of good conversation and good times. I played emmie for only the second time publicly, (the first was a very private sort of publicness at a small party) and she did very well, given that I played her rather hard, if only for a short time. She did well with being publicly nude during the playtime as well.

There are a few more xmas events in our community but this party was the big one as far as I was concerned, with a huge white elephant gift exchange (which our family did rather well at) and various other holiday attributes :).

I am definitely planning on switching jobs in the near future. One company has interviewed me but there is some distance between their offer salary wise and my expectations. Two more opportunities came up today (I am taking the day off due to a migraine and the resulting dozyness from migraine meds).

The Enigma of the Nothing

I haven’t posted in a little while, what with working and driving all hours of the day. However I have been working on thoughts surrounding Badiou (current French philosopher) and the relationship of Set Theory to Ontology as he discusses in “Being and Event”.

Not that I’m ready to write on it yet. I still have some way to go in understanding it and relating it to my own central concerns. Some posts on it will come later. For now I’ll content myself with putting forward the enigmatic fact that the void-set (set of multiples of nothing) also contains itself, leading to a fundamental excess of the Void that cannot be captured in either formal or natural language.

Munching Again

Tonight is the first munch we have been to since mitda’s surgery, and an end of term party for E.’s university friends. While I feel a bit like a member of “E.’s freaky family” at the latter we will put in an appearance, as he would likely be disappointed if we didn’t. The munch should be fun, see some people we haven’t seen for a few weeks and see what people are planning for the holidays. (BDSM’ers celebrate holidays too :p ).

Meeting all the Responsibilities

I’ve officially put myself back in the job market. Some things have come up already, and I’m just finding it unrealistic to live the lifestyle I do and spend 8 hours at work + 4 or more hours a day driving. Not to mention that the personal and professional restrictions in the work environment make it difficult to do a good job, the job I expect from myself, which gets rather frustrating. Fortunately there are lots of tech jobs in this area, and I can keep working where I am and drawing a good paycheque until I have a firm start date somewhere else.

Taking on two slaves has turned out to be a deal of responsibility, and takes a deal of energy and time. It’s time I enjoy and effort I love to put in, when I have the energy to spare. Right now has been difficult for both emmie and mitda in that they are not getting the level of dominance they require for their own personal comfort level. Lack of a dominant presence = lack of care to a submissive, and while I care deeply about both of them it has been difficult to show it, when I leave home at 4:30a and by the time I get home around 7 I’m exhausted and just want bed.

Ontology and Mathematics

It occurred to me lately (not much wonder since my background is in symbolic logic and philosophy) that mathematics is actually the true language of Ontology, the language that specifically speaks about non-objects, things that are not things, that don’t take part in being, because it is a topology of Being itself, which is never a being. While many things have followed on from that thought I am still working out the most basic of them – the poietic descriptions of Being have been followed by philosophy from Plato to Heidegger, and are therefore far more developed than conclusions that might be able to be drawn from mathematics, but the mathematical conclusions have a much better chance of being communicated to a population no longer in love with or trusting in poetic license.