Fitness for Master

As the most unhealthy member of the family it behooves me to try to get a little bit healthier. E is quite healthy, running a half marathon or so weekly and working out nightly before bed. And mitda has surprising stamina, after starting to run again she is quickly up to 6.5 miles. That leaves emmie and I, who would both much rather be sitting our asses on the bed than moving them in some useful fashion.

So we have started soccer practice in the mornings. I enjoy kicking the ball around, at one point I was actually a decent player. Neither emmie nor I get the “runner’s high” from exercise, but I do get some excitement from the skill of handling a ball with one’s feet.

As a result my legs are sore. Particularly my groin, which doesn’t get used so much outside soccer as it does within soccer. But it should be worth it to keep it going. We all enjoy it and it’s a good way to spend time together as well as getting some fitness happening.

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