Frustrations and Panics

This has been a week of frustration and panic for me so far. Starting at the play party on Saturday night my mood started to go downhill. emmie was upset at being left alone in the midst of a pack of doms while mitda and I played in public. mitda was upset that as a result emmie got attention while she was in dire need of aftercare. Not that these aren’t things I can deal with but they triggered a spiral in a very delicately balanced mood situation, and it took me a few days to get back on track. Thank the gods for abilify, geodon and clonazepam.

So now I’m getting down to work and it is going much better as a result. Not that it doesn’t come with its share of frustrations, such as the company whose information server we use removing parameters from the installation that we use, and causing us a good deal of a workaround as a result. But that stuff is par for the course in integration consulting. I’ve been doing a lot of core programming in the last few years and it’s kinda interesting to get back to integration. Each has its own set of hassles and its own set of rewards.

This weekend is a weekend to learn rope. As in how to tie somebody up. emmie is very much looking forward to the whole thing, as while she is not too thrilled by pain, bondage is more of a turn on than she expected. I picked up 900 ft of hemp rope for a ridiculously low price on ebay a few weeks ago, now it’s time to cut it into proper lengths and get to knot tying with it …

Tonight we have the kinky happy hour, which is a nice relaxed way to spend time with people in the community without whips flying and people screaming in pain. That is until they get the bill :).

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