Discipline and Punishment

In one of my earliest posts to this blog I talked about the conundrum of how to punish a masochist.  As it happens this worked itself out over the period during which I didn’t post much to the blog, and I never got around to explicating any of it.

There’s a “mode” one has to get into in order to punish, it’s a mode
that involves “knowing” that you know better than the person you’re
punishing, people find that easier with children, obviously, than with
adults   If you look at Tanos’ site, the focus on “Internal
Enslavement” seems to focus on the slave’s mindset, which is of course
important.  When mitda or emmie are being punished they are in a
different headspace than when they’re being played.  But my
introduction of the term “Absolute” or “Total” Subjugation is important
because it deals with the mindset and headspace of the Master.  (Tanos does include this of course, it’s only the term that seems to focus on the slave’s doing, not the site or his thoughts on the matter)  In
order for the slave to get into her mindset, the Master has to be in
his, and it’s a difficult thing at first to accomplish.  If you look at
my earliest blog entries there was the conundrum of how to punish a
masochist, and it took time to solve, but it has to do with getting
into a certain zone and making that felt to the slave.

First, as I said, you have to “know” that you’re right, or that you
know better, than the slave.  This is difficult to do with someone that
you love and respect as an adult on the same level as your own.  You
have to know you know better because, simply, you are the Master in the
situation and it is your world and your set of meanings that are the
crucial ones.  The slave, in her enslavement, has given up the set of
meanings she had, what she accepted previously as her truth, and
accepted your reality as hers.  As a result, although she might be as
intelligent and capable as you are, she doesn’t know the terrain as
well as you do, and within the dynamic in any disagreement she is
always in the wrong, because you are the arbiter of what is right and
wrong to begin with.  She needs this grounding by you as much as you
need to ground things in this way.  

Second, you need to get this world, this set of meanings, across to her
and put her in the situation where she knows that no matter what she
believed prior to her enslavement, she is now completely in the wrong
and needs to be punished to set her straight and remind her of where
her ground and truth are.  Partly I talk to emmie and mitda constantly
about the way I view things and the way things are for me, and must be
for them.  But truth lies in manifestation, and having things manifest
to the slave in the way they manifest to you is the key.  Human beings
share a world and share the way things manifest to a greater or lesser
degree depending on how close they are – and this phenomenon is what
people mean when they refer to “relating” to someone.  Physical contact
I’ve found is a key – standing at a distance and touching the slave
only when you hit them doesn’t bring them into your space, you need to
break the slave’s personal space by being as close to them as possible,
touching them with your free hand, and letting them feel the punishment
implement prior to and between hits, so that they know it’s an
extension of your hand and your will.

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