Punishment by Proxy

Last night I allowed Jubal to mete out mitda’s punishment for disrespect. He did a nice job with the strop, leaving her pretty much in tears, and a pretty nice job of aftercare.

Not that I want to give up either of my slaves to Jubal or anyone else. It’s fine with me if mitda subs to him, after all he is her lover, as well as being emmie’s husband. But I don’t think I’d like her being “his” sub, which is something mitda seems to want. It just seems that there’s a contradiction inherent in being “my” slave and “his” sub, something that doesn’t show up in a vanilla sexual situation, where sharing is somewhat easier. One can enjoy more than one lover, certainly, but can one serve two Masters? It definitely seems problematic to me. And how I would reconcile sharing with my concept of ultimate responsibility is another complex and uncharted area.

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