Thinking Cap On

Recent posts by mitda and emmie have had me thinking about jumping-ahead, or projecting-open, not in the general sense but particularly in their lives.  How does one jump ahead in order to give someone their concern?  In a sense I do so, have done so, and without it I wouldn’t be their Master.  But it’s an effort that has to be renewed every day, every hour, and preoccupations get in the way.

Luckily I don’t think the new job will be altogether that stressful.  The code that needs to be tested, and the new code that needs to be written, are not particularly complex.  Which should give me a bit more time and energy to focus on the girls than I have had recently.  Well, specifically I have had time but stress from the other place has overburdened things and the energy and focus hasn’t been there. 

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