on perversion re: mitda re: jubal

mitda, commenting on jubal’s next-to-inaugural blog post, makes a few comments that make her worldview precariously relativistic.  Here is an adjustment I would make to correct her, since her ideas are my responsibility : ).

“we live in our own worlds- and for the 4 of us, and the kinky people
with whom we associate, those worlds sometimes overlap, creating our
own society with its own norms.”

Worlds are shared phenomena, Being-in-the-World is a simple, single structure, not a relation between independent phenomena the way it appears in English.  Even between radically different cultures there is a shared set of meanings that constitute a common world, and allow other structures of human being such as discourse and understanding to occur coterminous.  It’s not so much that worlds sometimes overlap.  Rather the result of World+understanding (among other existentials), things that always already have occurred in human being, and are therefore a priori to willed cognition, are unique, and huge contributors to what is variously, and loosely, called character, personality or self consciousness.

To quote Medard  Boss, a Swiss psychiatrist who was very involved with Heidegger’s ideas of human being, “We are not individuals locked up inside our bodies; We live rather in a
shared world, and we illuminate each other.  Human existence is

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