When it doesn’t go right …

Even in the best BDSM relationships, dominants with the best slaves, submissives happy and adoring of their masters, sometimes things don’t go right …

Today we played and it didn’t go right.  Maybe mitda wasn’t in the right frame of mind, after all she had her day put out of rhythm by emmie and I being home.  She’ll get used to emmie being home but the Master being home on a work day always upsets things.  Anyway we played and neither of us could get properly prepped or into it.  And it didn’t work.  She got nowhere near subspace and I got nowhere near domspace.  Yes there is such a thing.

I’m still learning, and so are mitda and emmie.  Perhaps I should have used my hands instead of toys, to gauge her response.  But shoulds aren’t the answer.  We all have to continue to learn our places and each other.

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