Dominance and Abuse

Dominants get a lot of flack.  We’re accused of being “spousal abusers with an excuse”, or “sadists with a philosophy”.  The thing is, anger is a huge part of abuse, and lack of control the other major factor.  Sadists get off on pain, domination is a tool.   Dominants get off on control and domination, bondage, discipline and sado-masochism are tools of that control.  Submissives or slaves want, crave, need that control, discipline and domination from their Masters.

Not that this post will convince anyone who doesn’t know and understand someone involved in internal enslavement or total domination. 

One response to “Dominance and Abuse

  • Emelina

    As a slave I find my day goes better when my master takes me firmly in hand. I need to be able to give over control to him and trust that what he does he does for my betterment. The bondage, s/m, discipline, and domination are but tools to enable us to move into that state where my master has total control and I am willing and even aching to serve him in any way he sees fit.

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