A Blah Tuesday

Last week, after many years of avoiding psychiatry, emelina was diagnosed with a number of complaints (no, sexual deviancy wasn’t among them).  Aside from the shock of actually dealing with a diagnosis, she has been dealing with the side effects of the medication she was put on and hasn’t managed a day of work since, although she has tried going into work twice now. 

Family income isn’t really a big issue at the moment.  We can survive off my income and E’s income quite nicely.  It would be great if emelina can get disability but nobody’s really getting their hopes up on that, we know too much about the SSA and their methods of avoiding awarding disability, especially to psych. patients.

So not the fun type of day we had on Sunday, although we started off the morning with some good group morning sex.  I decided to work from home after realizing I needed to learn some things about my current project code base and didn’t want to do that learning in front of my colleagues.

mitda and emelina should be back shortly from the misadventure at work.  I suppose we’ll discuss what can be done to either help her get back to functioning or deal with her being at home with mitda.

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