After a few years and some objections from my primary my poly family agreed to my desire for another motorcycle.  Yes, I could have simply bought one, but sometimes consensus is preferable to domination, even for a dominant.

The bike is a simple one, a good learner bike, and so it will be good for the other male member of the household, who would like to learn but has never ridden one before.   And it was cheap and will keep me happy for the year and a half or so I need to be able to afford the bike I really want.  Hell, anything is fun to ride and as long as it can do the speed limit on any highway I don’t actually *need* more. 

Emelina is looking forward to going for rides with me.  Mitda is more circumspect but she seems to have given in to the fact that she *is* going to get on the back of a motorcycle.

– Mitdasein

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