Narcolepsy Bites

Yea, I get prescriptions for adderall which makes anyone in the know slightly envious. But overall having narcolepsy really bites. I had the day off today and decided to give my body a bit of a rest from the speed, so after a couple of strong coffees and a decent morning I, of course, had to sleep. When I finally woke up with most of the day wasted I felt somewhat nauseated and within an hour also had to enter the vomitorium.

Ah well, enough physical issues. In the middle of family fuckery last night it began to lightning storm, the wind got up, and eventually a mixture of hail and rain came down. Delightful! At least to those of us that love storms and associate them with sex.

The otherSein took our gf to the doctor yesterday and she failed the bipolar test with flying colours. Another gf off to see the psychiatrist. Let’s see, that means the last five serious relationships I’ve had have been with other bipolars. I thought opposites attracted.

I’ve been researching polyamory and bdsm online and come to the conclusion that, at least as far as the real thing goes, either there isn’t much of it around or it isn’t talked about online. I did find one blog with a poly/bdsm triad, none with a quad of course. It may be a bit of a strange family configuration but for some reason I have a feeling it will work if we put reasonable effort into it. Right now the otherSein is showing a lot of reactance and my response to it has been mixed, while the gf is so very new to submission that she needs constant reminding. The combination can be wearing.

The male partner in our quad is the one that has shown the most equanimity with all the changes to his lifestyle over the last few months. I envy him his calm in dealing with three odd characters, all bipolars, all into bdsm, and sharing his bed.

More later

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