End of the M. ?

When I met my wife and sub, she was involved in a D/s relationship with another woman. Eventually the woman involved “gave” her to me as a collared girl, but retained her position as my wife’s mastress.

This created an interesting situation, to be sure, but since the mastress lived over a thousand miles away their relationship was confined to online time and phone conversations, much as ours had been until mitda packed up from L.A. and moved to Toronto to live with me.

Even online relationships suffer from the impingements of reality such as lack of time to spend together, and not feeling at least “as” preferred by one’s partner relative to their other committments. And this seems in fact to have happened to my wife and her mastress. Since it is easier to avoid someone online than someone one happens to live with, my wife, after writing a damning email, simply stopped being available by IM or phone to her mastress.

This has put me in a bit of a quandary. In general masters/doms support one another, and a sub, even if no longer collared, just walking away is an odd position for a master to be put in. But I empathize with my wife’s reasons as well.

m. mitdasein


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