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This Is The The Day – Lyric Book

This Is The The Day – Lyric Book: “GLOBAL EYES”

You have to love any songwriter who comes up with the phrase “Kentucky Fried Genocide” …

Shut your eyes
Don’t criticise
It’s a big surprise
Ain’t telling ya lies
Truth hides in plain site
Kentucky Fried Genocide

Pickled and
Tried to resist
But destined to lose
Nobody listens
But it’s breaking down the door
Only the paranoid really know the score

Market Force is the new dictator
Manipulator and annihilator”

welcome to

welcome to

At last I found a geek worse than me, with more obsolete equipment doing critical functions acceptably, and doesn’t like MS any more than I do. If you want to see the results of living as a geek, check out the pics on this site.

Information Ethics

Information Ethics

Something I’m working through. Relatively long for an article but short for a paper, it’s worth reading if you’re interested in situational ethics as opposed to the failed morality of set rules and authorities.

Bush Sets Target for Transition In Iraq

Bush Sets Target for Transition In Iraq

Knew this was coming as soon as the administration started talk of “civil war” in Iraq. Fucking bastards. Ruin a country and run, as usual.

Sun Microsystems – Sun Fire T2000 Server

Sun Microsystems – Sun Fire T2000 Server

The world’s first eco-responsible server. A processor with 8 cores and 32 simultaneous threads that uses the power of a 30 watt lightbulb. Now I can go for power

protected static

protected static

My partner brought this website to my attention. Of course the post on neo-nazis caught my eye on the page. As a programmer and a systemic anarchist let me add my vote to the sentiments expressed against nazis of any stripe.

The painting here is by an artist originally interested in Hitler. Obviously he saw that error plainly enough. This hill of death is entitled “LEBENSRAUM I : THE BATTLEFIELD”.

NO Software Patents in Europe and Japan

NO Software Patents in Europe and Japan

This site should be pretty self explanatory. Software is made up of ideas. Ideas should not be patentable, only implementations may be copyrighted.

These governments are kowtowing to big software companies. Let’s hope open source forces other companies to go in the direction Sun has gone.

Open source and free software according to Sun Microsystems

“The following is a statement by Johathan Schwartz, the CEO of Sun Microsystems.

Sun doesn’t have a single customer, worldwide, that will run an unsupported product in their datacenter. Do such customers exist? Surely. They’re called developers. Or startups. Or companies or economies that want to build their own internal support teams. That’s the target for the Solaris Enterprise System. That’s who uses free software without support contracts. And you’re not going to win them over if you don’t provide them with free and open source products. And if you don’t provide them with the technology to use, they’ll find someone else’s free products. Opening up the Solaris Enterprise System, and giving it away for free, lowers the barrier to finding those opportunities. Free software creates volumes that lead the demand for deployments – which generate license and support revenues just as they did before the products were free. Free software grows revenue opportunities.”

Wyndham Lewis – War Years

Wyndham Lewis – War Years

This is a great discussion with excellent image plates of Lewis’ paintings from WWI. Lewis is one of the most underrated painters and writers of the 20th century and these pictures show just how much that’s the case.

What will they put into Eclipse next?

Eclipse BIRT Home: “BIRT Project”

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools? In a development environment? Hmmmn. The plugin architecture of Eclipse does make it tempting to add things – I’ve even seen instant messaging clients and mp3 player plugins. Question: Should Eclipse on top of a basic Unix be the next OS?