Please Donate Salt to Arkansas

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After the most harrowing drive of my life, from Toronto to San Antonio, I would like to request anyone that can please donate salt to the state of Arkansas. An ice storm the previous day (!) wasn’t salted and left me driving a loaded down Saab 9000 with a U-Haul trailer weighing just over a ton over sheer ice through the entire state. Rubbernecking at big rigs on their side in the ditch and SUV’s on their roof every half mile or so added sheer joy to the trip. As a Canadian I’m used to ice. I’m also used to it being salted. Usually the same day. When by end of day the next not a crystal of salt had hit the road other from an errant McD’s fry I wonder if life and limb is at all important to those in charge of highways. An adventure in moving indeed.

One response to “Please Donate Salt to Arkansas

  • OM

    i hear the pressie read that book on salt, do you think there was a chapter inthere about how useful it is to melt icy roads? we could petition the author, if not, for an addedum.

    you are an amazing driver/uhauler. thank you more than thank you says.

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