OS Technology : Weblog

OS Technology : Weblog – OpenSolaris and Solaris 11 on Xen

Xen is the first hypervisor to partition one computer into multiple virtual computers on Intel hardware. The first version supports Linux and um, well, it did support Windows XP but they, um, dropped support for it (hint). I’ll be waiting for the Solaris port. I like Linux. I wish I liked it more. But especially for heavy kernel action (i.e. multitasking VM’s) the Linux kernel just doesn’t make it. Sure it blows away Windoze, but what doesn’t. And if you just have to, need to, want to buy an end user only machine that just runs simple software – screw MS and buy a Macintosh on a P4 dual core. Before I get crucified by Linux users I do run it on my laptop. And I like it much better than Windoze. And it uses the far preferable Gnome GUI which it shares with Solaris/OpenSolaris.

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